1972 Pierre and Achille Meylan create the company MEYLAN Frères SA in Le Brassus and start subcontracting mechanical engineering from the garage of their family home.
1978 Construction of the first factory, right next to the family home; activities are developing successfully, particularly via the company's skill in electric discharge machining. MEYLAN Frères wins important contracts, notably for the manufacture of complex, demanding aerospace components.
1990 Construction of the new factory which is still home to MEYLAN Frères SA today.
2002 When Nivarox Far in Le Locle, (member of Swatch Group) decided to abandon their non-watchmaking activities, MEYLAN Frères took over this segment. At this point, MEYLAN Frères stopped selling tools to third parties, instead offering to produce the various micromechanical components on behalf of its clientele exclusively in its factory.
2002 MF obtained ISO 9001-2001 certification via the SQS association
2012 MEYLAN Frères created and started to equip its new polishing and hardening workshop, to enable the last missing link to be integrated in the production chain. Thanks to its new investments, MF can offer increased reactivity, autonomy and quality throughout the entire process.