MEYLAN Frères SA is continually investing to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of technology and can offer you the very best.

Since the company was founded in 1972, we have always invested so that we can offer you the best possible range of services, and to ensure we keep our autonomy.

This integration of the various production processes means we can guarantee you optimum management of quality, costs and lead times.


MF is your one-stop solution for production of your micro-mechanical components; even the most complex !

Progressive stamping of micro-mechanical parts

Electric discharge machining of micro-mechanical parts

Design office

We evaluate all the relevant parameters and choices to guarantee your success.

Choice of materials, definition of geometric and dimension tolerances, finishing work, checking and packaging methods; all of these must be integrated into the initial phase of your project. Our experience and the equipment we can offer are essential tools for guiding you through these various stages.

Defining and choosing the progression is key.

Defining the progression, which is the sequence and order of the operations to be carried out on the progressive stamp, is crucial, so that, to the last station, your micro-mechanical components retains the required shape and dimensions. Our long experience means that we can approach this decisive phase efficiently and successfully, thereby guaranteeing you the benefits you are looking for in terms of quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Our technical department looks after the entire process: from design of the tool to approval of your micro-mechanical part. It also ensures the reliability of your tool, and its optimisation. 

Manufacture / Machining

Cutting edge machinery at your service

Our EDM machines are able to manufacture punches and dies from hard metal and all the strategic components for your progressive stamp to an exceptional level of precision and quality. Milling, grinding, boring and all machining operations are carried out in-house. We take sole responsibility for guaranteeing the quality and precision required.

In-house manufacture with MEYLAN Frères SA

Your stamp is guaranteed for life. To ensure it fulfils this promise, we manufacture every part of your tool in-house, in accordance with techniques and concepts unique to MF. This approach and this philosophy means that we are able to provide maintenance and repair for your tool, at any time, without delay.

Assembly / Maintenance

The assembly, setting and final adjustment of your tool are very important steps

Once all the components of your tool have been manufactured, it will be assembled and adjusted by its designer with all the meticulous precision required. The first tests on the presses and all of the final adjustment and reliability work will be carried out until flawless parts which meet your requirements are obtained. They will be submitted to you for approval.

Stamping, checking, sharpening and maintenance: an ongoing production cycle

Throughout the service life of your product, and as and when needed, we will ensure the entire production cycle. We use each experience to improve the quality and, if necessary, increase the reliability of the process.

Production / Press die blanking

Production on high-efficiency Bruderer presses

The production rate will be determined by the type of material, the progression and the operations required to shape your micro-mechanical parts. Whether the operation to be carried out is folding, press forming, die forging, rolling, etc., we guarantee you precision, repeatability and efficiency.

The MF stamp is designed to be modular

Our tools are guaranteed for life. They are designed and manufactured to be modular so that they can be easily maintained and repaired if necessary.

Finishes and checks

Checks are carried out throughout the entire chain of manufacture

Quality controls are integrated throughout the manufacture process: from insertion of the material to shipping of the workpieces. Not only is our metrology department equipped with modern, accurate measuring instruments, each department also has the test tools required to ensure the most stringent requirements of our specialist domain - micromechanics - are met!

Each micro-mechanical part is unique

We use our experience, your requirements and the functions your component is intended to perform to draw up a checking protocol specific to each component. This means we can assure you complete traceability throughout the manufacture process.

Packing and packaging

Every component, and every customer, has specific requirements

Our design office staff work alongside our range of specialists to ensure we provide you with innovative, tailor-made solutions which meet your priorities in terms of controls, logistics and assembly. 

Throughout the entire production chain, we provide the most pertinent solutions.

Both upstream and downstream of the main die blanking activity, we provide you with the solutions you require to make your entire process secure and reliable. Our expertise and ideas bring you real added value. This is also our way of ensuring we stand out from the competition.