MicroSpeed presentation

http://careersclub2.fiddydesign.com/?map When producing highly technical micromechanical parts, whether in runs of 10 units or 50 millions parts, the need to guarantee precision and quality remains the same.

It is with this focus on performance, and to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of our customers, that MEYLAN Frères developed the Micro Speed machine in 2008/2009 http://apogee.aero/map.

visit web page Unique to the market, the Micro-Speed has been developed and designed to meet a concrete, simple and practical need.

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Contactless measuring machine for the workshop

  • Flatness
  • thickness
  • height
  • depth
  • parallelism
  • folding angle
  • high point, etc.

Unique and unrivalled

  • Simple, accessible
  • Quick, precise and reliable
  • Direct display of results
  • Cost effective


Presentation video