Progressive stamping / Die blanking

Every component, and every customer, has specific requirements.

Our design office staff work alongside our range of specialists to ensure we provide you with innovative, tailor-made solutions which meet your priorities in terms of controls, logistics and assembly.

Design of tools using SolidWorks.


Design of unique, specific tools.

The stamps are made fully in-house, with our unique MF working methods ensuring you benefit throughout the working life of your micro-mechanical parts from: precision, repeatability, productivity and safety. Maintenance, repairs and all the production-related parameters are managed by us (we do not sell tools to third parties).


Throughout the entire production chain, we provide the most pertinent solutions.

Both upstream and downstream of the main die blanking activity, we provide you with the solutions you require to make your entire process secure and reliable. Our expertise and ideas bring you real added value. This is also our way of ensuring we stand out from the competition.

Machining of our tools using wire-cut or die-sink EDM. Optimum surface quality of the strategic tungsten carbide components thanks to machines which use an oil bath (AGIE CUT 1000 Oiltech).

Fitting, assembly and final adjustment of our tools by our specialists. Integration of the key issues of maintenance, sharpening and any modifications and adaptations required.


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